If you’re looking for Angie Dixon, and by “Angie Dixon” you mean the Angie Dixon who writes and also dabbles in photography and graphic design, and tends to be pretty goofy, you’ve found me.

If you’re not sure I’m the Angie Dixon you’re looking for, you might want to consult this page I wrote several years ago for just that purpose.

If you’re looking for The Leonardo Trait, that’s me, Angie Dixon. You can find The Leonardo Trait site here.

If you’re looking for 10 Impossible Ideas Before Breakfast, I’m that Angie Dixon, too. In fact, I’m working on the third book in the Leonardo Creative series as I write. For now, you can find the site for the second book, 10 Impossible Ideas,  here.

I’ve taken most of my other books out of print, but if you’re looking for something specific I wrote or said, I can probably find it on what I like to call The Hard Drive of Everything.

If you need anything, holler. (That means contact me, if you’re not from the South)