Certified Leonardo*

Welcome to the Angie Portal!

This site of mine has been a lot of things over the years, and I think it’s time it became simply a portal to all the things I do and all the people I am. So here it all is, and expect it to grow over time:

The Blog

My blog here basically summarizes and points to posts on all my other blogs. Each of my sites has its own blog, and I do my longer posts on those niche blogs.

The Leonardo Trait

*In the title I refer to myself as a certified Leonardo. That means, in terms you may be familiar with, that I’m a consummate Jill of All Trades, maybe the Alpha Jill of All Trades. You can learn more about “Leonardos” at my website The Leonardo Trait: http://www.LeonardoTrait.com.

Sane Living

I love to write about personal development topics, including procrastination, stress-free living, and the like. You can find my work in this field at Sane Living: http://www.saneliving.net.

Pro Writer Guides (Coming Soon)

I’ve written a couple of books for writers, at this point, and I’ll probably forget to update this page with information about new ones. If you’re looking for Write as Fast as You Think, Freelance Success for Writers, or anything else I may have written about writers, you’ll want to visit Pro Writer Guides: http://www.ProWriterGuides.com. (Coming soon)

Your Heart’s Work (Coming Soon)

I’ve revised and serialized my career guide Your Heart’s Work. You can check out this ebook series at Your Heart’s Work: http://www.Your-Hearts-Work.com. (Coming soon)